Blog 4

Hello Raj,

I heard that you are going to visit Fukushima, Japan this month for your fieldtrip experience. I have heard about that place and I have also research about that place as well and I know that you might have researched about this place too. I would love if you don’t go there and, the reason why I don want you to go there is this place is not safe for research.. According to Dalichi nuclear disaster a nuclear accident took place in a Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. According to WHO (World Health Organization) the nuclear accident affect the environment of Fukushima really bad in some part. The radiation of that accident still cause the harmful Cancer. WHO says according to their research 7% chance of leukemia in males and higher risk of Breast cancer in women. Although this research was conducted in the year 2013 but that doesn’t mean that it’s not risky to go there. The risk is still 3%. I don’t want you you to become the part of that 3%. New York Times says, 2202 people died due to the cancer which was the result of nuclear radiation. And the amount of cancer patients are still increasing in numbers. After all, some websites says that the radiation on the Fukushima plant has now declined to 3% of risk and nobody has allowed to enter inside the plant. So these are some points that I want you to keep in your mind and change your decision to go there.

Yours faithful

Harsh Raval


Blog 3

In the year 2011 in the Fukushima, there was a terrible energy accident took place in a number one nuclear plant of northern Japan which is in Daiichi so that, this accident also known as “Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident”. What happened was, the Tohoku earthquake created the waves of tsunami on March 11th 2011. And just after this incident out of six reactors all of them were automatically shut down. But, tsunami affect the emergency generators which works to cool down the whole reactors. Although, the generators were totally destroyed. Due to that, out of six three of reactors didn’t get proper cooling and melted which produced unnecessary hydrogen in the air and also released radioactive materials from the first three units of reactors from 12 March to 15 March. Since the reactor 4 (unit 4) also felt the increment in temperature on 15th March the reason way that happened was Decay heat (radioactive heat) from newly added nuclear fuel ( fuel road: material which produces heat in nuclear power station) but still didn’t work and boil down the unit 4.

Blog 2

Blog 2

When we talked about the Zombies in the class, I found it supper interesting. Although I started searching several websites and until then everything was smooth but when it came to search the website that is trustworthy, I had to go through several more websites by considering, how recent they have been wrote and all that. After that I got to know about some website which I think can be consided as reputable website most of them are .com and I also figured some .org as well as .edu sites. From that I understood that zombies come from Haiti and Haitian creole tradition which is a root of African religious customs. And it is a voodoo religion of 17th century. According to different tradition and culture have different belief on zombiesand in African tradition they believe that, a dying person’s soul might be stolen and stoppered up in a ritual bottle for later use in simple words it is nothing but a kind of black magic. Some research also says that that can be also a neurotic disorder which can be active while some specific part of one’s body affected.However, at the time of the apocalypse it can be logically happen and which I think is the reason why the idea of zombie is associated with the apocalypse.



In this fastest growing era, there are some essential requirement that we all needed to live our life genitally. Which are Food, shelter and house. However, the basic requirements has slightly advanced as the time went, we also count internet and electricity as an indispensable part of our life without it the life is like “Mouth without Teeth”.

I remember that day when I was like a new born baby even though I was 18 yahh….  They were my initial days in United States, when I moved not just a city or state I moved 13,067 km from India. It was hard time. Me and my friend signed lease on anearby apartment from the university. We were the first international student we didn’t even have a clue where to go and what to do. We were required to have a Social Number to get power. Since we didn’t have SSN or have anybody who have SSN. Life was like a mistake without food. We used to drink hardly two water bottles. Eat out was always an option but, we didn’t knew what to eat because of religious purpose and we spent those days with Milk and bread. I remember that day when we had water but didn’t have electricity so we bath on cold water in such a cold freezing weather. And mainly we survived without heater on last winter when we came. I still remember, we used to go to Walmart to find internet to call our family since we had a SIM which was not working so not the easy access of internet either. With no electricity, food or internet i know how life goes. It was the hardest lesson of my life and didn’t have our parents to talk with. 

If you do not have just one of them, you can just stay without it. But, I or we didn’t have any of them at the same time.